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Welcome to your Queendom

If you are like many other Black Women, you may be working so hard and juggling so many responsibilities that you feel disconnected from the life that you wanted from yourself. The “Welcome To Your Queendom” Digital Workbook is a self-paced roadmap to help you reconnect to the life that you wanted for yourself so that you have more joy in your life…you deserve it.

Essential Reading

Butterfly Landing

“Butterfly Landing” brings the painful issue of child sexual abuse out of the shadows of secrecy and shame. The reader is introduced to Maya, an African American young girl, who has experienced sexual abuse.

“Butterfly Landing” invites the reader on Maya’s journey as she learns how to express her feelings and thoughts, seek help, and start the healing process. Maya’s journey teaches readers:

  1. Survivors of child sexual abuse are not alone in or at fault for what they have experienced;
  2. How to identify those who can help;
  3. Healing is a process; and
  4. The value of incorporating issues of self-worth and self-esteem during the healing process.

The title of the book is symbolic of butterflies representing a metamorphosis or change process as well as landing referring to a safe, comforting place of refuge.

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