Dr. Kimani

Certified Hello Seven Coach

As a Certified Hello Seven Coach, Dr. Kimani coaches Black Women who are interested in starting or growing their own business through business, mindset, and money coaching.

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“Before I started coaching, I was navigating a lot of feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty about my skillset. After coaching, I feel so much more confident in my ability to create offerings that my target audience will love and charge appropriately for the value I bring to my clients. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Kimani for her insight and gentle encouragement throughout the coaching process.”


“[Dr. Kimani] gave me the language for my experience…[she] helped me identify my feelings of where I am and how do I feel so that I could intellectually start exit planning…[Dr. Kimani’s] style, tone, and frankness is perfect as she did not let me get away with my stuff with the shoulds (I should stay at this good job).  I learned that it is ok to leave, you are still strong…these people are not valuing your humanity.” 


“I highly recommend working with Kimani as a coach. She possesses a wealth of knowledge and insight that enables her to assist you in strategically planning for your business. Kimani’s practical coaching style allows her to connect with you on a personal level, understanding your aspirations and guiding you to step out of your comfort zone to accomplish your objectives.”


“I was petrified of leaving my job and obsessing about it.  I needed support…going through the stages of grief was helpful.  I was still scared about leaving but the support of working through the fears allowed me to put my energy towards my exit plan.”


“We struggled with a strong sense of imposter syndrome and the possibility that we didn’t have a product that would be valued by our audience. As a couple we wanted to be sure that our independent ideas were melding together in a cohesive way. Dr Kimani perceptively stopped us from moving into negative space and forced us to take inventory of our success. She encouraged us to “start ugly”, present what we have with the understanding that things will look and be better as we move forward. We appreciate Dr. Kimani’s firm, honest coaching, and are well on our way to successfully implementing the path we discovered  during our time with her. Thank you Dr Kimani!”


“Dr. Kimani was crisp and concise with her feedback. I’ve implemented many of her suggestions and have seen immediate results.”


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