Butterfly Landing Healing Group

Group Focus

The Butterfly Landing Healing Group Series focuses on supporting the healing process of women of color residing in California who have a past history of sexual abuse/assault so that they are able to:

  • Experience validation
  • Explore ways that past history of sexual abuse/assault may be impacting thoughts of self and others as well as ways of functioning
  • Connect to and heal the hurt little girl inside
  • Identify and/or reclaim those things in your life that bring you joy

Registration Information

The Butterfly Landing Healing Group Series Registration Package ($500) includes the following:

  • Two 15 minute consultations with Dr. Norrington-Sands (pre and post workshops)
  • Participation in a series of 5 groups via Google Meet
  • “Butterfly Landing” book
  • Manifesting Healing Stress Ball


To best ensure that this series of groups is a good match for registered participants, a 15-minute free consultation call will be scheduled with Dr. Norrington-Sands. If we determine after the consultation that you are a good match for the group, you will be sent a registration link.  There are a limited number of spaces available so registration is to be completed within 24 hours after consultation.

For questions about the Butterfly Landing Group Series, please send your email to: .


Dr. Norrington-Sands does not accept insurance.